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June 16, 2010 A bill tabled by four representatives in the French National Assembly would dismantle many existing gun controls, and make France one of the least illiberal countries in the world. The preamble of the bill is remarkable, even if the practical proposals that follow are milder and inconsistent with the right to keep and bear arms. Yet, the bill is radical in comparison with existing gun controls and philosophy in any country except the U.S. and Switzerland. It probably has few chances of being adopted, but it shows that the debate on the right to keep and bear arms in France is not over. "Contre nous, de la tyrannie..."

Mohammed himselfMay 31, 2010 Sad day for freedom of speech: Facebook has bowed before a 7th-century obscurantist and his contemporary thugs (Globe and Mail, May 31, 2010). It is more important than ever that images of Mohammed be posted on every website, spread to every little corner of the world, shown in every tent and on every wifi-equipped camel, and that the thugs be ridiculed by all lovers of liberty. Here is my humble contribution, reproduced from Mohammed Image Archive.

March 22, 2010 From his throne in Ottawa (where he leads the Bloc Québécois in the House of Commons), Gilles Duceppe has compared his separatists to the French resisters during the Second World war (Globe and Mail, March 21, 201). Far from being a resister, our Fuhrer Duceppe is a despicable element of the Québec establishment who has conspired with the English Canadian establishment to destroy our traditional liberties over the past few decades.

November 12, 2009 In 2002, Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel economics prize winner and two co-authors (Jonathan Orszag and Peter Orszag), published an article ("Implications of the New Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Risk-based Capital Standard") in Fannie Mae Papers. They argued that Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac’s risk-based capital standard made it very unlikely that the two GSEs (government-sponsored enterprises) would ever require a government bailout. Their results suggested that “the risk to the government from a potential default on GSE debt is effectively zero”, even in “the financial and economic conditions of the Great Depression”. The authors apparently underestimated the possible credit losses from a deep recession, besides ignoring the possibility that the quasi-nationalized housing market and the GSEs could themselves generate a recession. Fannie Mae and presumably the learned authors are not especially proud of this paper, which has disappeared from the GSE’s site; but I have reproduced it on this site.

October 30, 2009 A young Canadian woman has been attacked and killed by coyotes while hiking. It wouldn't have happened if she had been carrying a pistol. "If it could save only one life..." Of course, she would then have risked a mandatory minimum (thanks to the Conservatives!) of three years in jail and a maximum (thanks to the Liberals!) of 10 years.
September 2, 2009 Marshall on Depressions: In his Principles of Economics (1920), Alfred Marshall perhaps says about depressions everything that needs to be said – in just a few paragraphs. Read my short post on The Barstool Economists.

August 30, 2009 This young woman, Cassidy Nicosia, was arested for being bare-breasted in public during a demonstration in New Hampshire. But this is not the most interesting fact of the case. She was also armed with a semi-auto pistol, which can be seen on her right hip. It is more visible in a Keene Sentinel story. (See also the New Hampshire Free Press story.) We can't see this often in our statist world: a young woman arguing with a cop while wearing a handgun on HER hip. As the moto of New Hampshire says, Live Free or Die! And good luck to Cassidy Nicosia!

June 17, 2009 The Provincial Court judge renders her decision, which is just as expected. The Court supports the bureaucrat who denied the renewal of "my" gun licence. You can read the judge's decision in French; the English translation will soon be available. My lawyer, Richard Fritze, immediately filed an appeal (available in English as most of the documents on this case) on my behalf (on the practical licence issue) before the Superior Court. On the other hand, the constitutional challenge will be heard (by the same court!). For the whole case, see my Police Canada page.
April 15, 2009 Read George Jonas in the National Post: "Stay Out of Pierre Lemieux's Bedroon".

October 4, 2008 While in Europe, I gave a speech on the right to keep and bear arms in a Swiss wine cellar. The picture below (admitedly not very politically correct my apologies to the large masses) was taken later that night. I hold the rifle given to me after my speech. See the column I published on this today at or, in French, Other pictures are available on my Swiss host's site as well on the site of a young professional photographer, Niels Ackerman.Pierre Lemieux in a Swiss cottage, September 2008

July 17, 2008 – Bob Bexon (1952-2008) died Wednesday, July 16, in a bicycle accident. A friend of liberty, he was the founder and banker of the Freedom Club, a Montréal libertarian-oriented salon. A former president of Imperial Tobacco, he was an iconoclastic, unruly, and fun person. He will be sorely missed by his friends and by all friends of liberty.
December 13, 2007 – See the Hotties for Ron Paul (the picture on the right is from here). Visit Ron Paul's website.
Lemieux and BlackDecember 10, 2007 – Today, Conrad Black was condemned to 6½ years in jail. Read my columns on this case over the years: when the inquisition began in 2004 (in the Western Standard), after Conrad was indicted (in the Western Standard), and when the jury verdict was rendered in July 2007 (in the Ottawa Citizen). The picture above (click on it to get a larger one) was taken at George Jonas's birthday party, in Toronto, on June 18, 2005.
December 10, 2007 There is apparently a movement within British police to ask for the right to strike. By all means, says the Libertarian Alliance in London, which calls "on the British Police Federation to urge their members to vote for the right to strike -- then to call them out on strike and to stay on strike". The L.A.'s press release is a must read.
December 7, 2007 Bruce Montague and his wife found guilty by a Kenora, Ontario, jury. Read the story in the local newspaper. Visit the Montagues' website and contribute to their defence against the inquisitors.
December 1, 2007 A"Notice of refusal to issue a fireams licence", from the provincial police, dated November 22, 2007. The reason is clearly stated in the letter:
"Did not supply all the information required by the Firearms Act, The [sic] Regulations for firearms permits, or any other applicable regulation, the application for renewal of a firerams licence in order to obtain the Licence (art. 54(1)a Firearms Act. [sic]. Question 6d) section C Personal History: 'My love affairs are none of your business / Ça ne vous regarde pas.' "
Read a pdf scan of the letter. (All this is in English for my readers' convenience and the whole wide world to see.) To learn more about the whole story see the second item below.
By the way, by clicking on the logo above, you can verify (alas! only in French) that the the Sûreté du Québec's Firearms Control Service is under the Directorate for State Security (look at the bottom right corner of their organization chart).
November 28, 2007 Police to start "inspections" (warrantless searches) of old gun owners' homes in Toronto. Read the November 23, 2007, letter sent by the Ontario "Chief Firearms Officer" to the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. As a friend recently told me, it's looking more and more like the Soviet Union here.
November 27, 2007 Gun registration is not confiscation, eh? Look at what happens in Canada when one is sucker enough to register guns, but later refuses to reply Police Canada's question 6(d) about his love life. This question asks, “During the past two (2) years, have you experienced a divorce, a separation, a breakdown of a significant relationship, job loss or bankruptcy?” I wrote, “My love affairs are none of your business.” See the registered letter I received today from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Canada Firearms Centre. See my complete licence application form, with the no answer to 6(d). Or check the ungoing story of the whole affair. Will I be the first Canadian to be jailed for refusing to tell the state about his love life? Not the last one, I fear.
If you read French, you may want to read my Confessions d'un coureur des bois hors-la-loi (Montréal: Varia, 2001), about my previous clashes with the Canadian gun-control bureaucracy, alias Police Canada. The book is now available freely in electronic format on the Classiques des sciences sociales website.
November 18, 2007 Published as a letter in the National Post: Robert Dziekanski’s death (see the video on YouTube) is not due to missing Canadian kindness, as one reported eulogy would have it. It is due to missing limitations on the power of the state, and lacking humility by its agents. It is due to the state and its armed agents running wild.
November 18, 2007 Wednesday and Friday news stories about the on-going criminal trial of Bruce and Donna Montague. Read also the column I wrote when Bruce was arrested, and my column about him as one of three witches pursued by state inquisitors. Visit the Bruce Montague website and contribute to the Montague's defence. It's important: Bruce and Donna will either save others from going to jail, or else they will only be the first civil resisters to be jailed. We are talking about real people and real (vanishing) liberties.
October 30, 2007 – I have written a paper on illegal markets: in light of the economic literature, it looks into the causes and extent of, and solutions to, the underground economy. It is available in French and English pdf's.
July 11, 2007CUFOA hero Ed Hudson is fighting the seizure of his hunting firearm while he was hunting without a gun licence in 2003. The state has not yet dared to prosecute Dr. Hudson for owning firearms without the licence required since the late 1990s. Dr. Hudson has asked for affidavits (see the judicial file and the affidavits here) to support his claim that the gun-control legislation of 1995 is unconstitutional. My affidavit was sworn today. It states, among other things, that I have been without a gun licence since July 6, 2007, presumably for refusing to answer a question obut my love affairs. See a fac simile of my affidavit here.
July 6, 2007 – What they call "my" gun licence (see the thing here) expired yesterday, July 5, 2007, on the day of my 60th birthday. No praetorian has phoned, I have received nothing in the mail and so, as far as I know, the licence has not been renewed. I am thus technically a criminal for refusing to answer the state's question about my love affairs. I am proud of defending our traditional liberties and resisting the infantilization of "citizens". Read the whole story.
June 18, 2007 – An exaggeration, this new Québec flag? But note the soft colours. Who's against soft facism, a Tocquevillian administrative tyranny, a THX-1138 Nice State? Children are mass murdered in the state's gun-free schools by other children who have spent their lives being educated in the same state schools, and what does our Pygmy tyrant does? As a good Little Brother and fan of the central government, it adds to the already liberticidal federal gun laws. It proposes a law that (1) declares what is already the case (and part of the problem), that is, schools are gun free except for the criminals who commit mass murders there, (2) promotes the development of a society of state snitches, and (3) further harasses gun owners who were suckers enough to get licences and register their guns (some of which have since been declared "prohibited"). Nice society!
Click on the little flag to download a larger one.
June 5, 2007 – Is there one politician in the world for whom an individual concerned with our liberties (or what's left of them) would want to vote? Perhaps there is. If you live in the U.S., vote for Ron Paul in the upcoming presidential election. Check also this video.
June 2, 2007 – Have you ever wanted to know what is Form 979, required to renew (it's more complicated for first-time applicants) a firearms license in Canada? Have you ever wanted to see how a descendent of the disobedient French Canadian coureurs des bois fills it in? This is your lucky day. As a public service, I make "my" form available in full-text, as I sent it to the Prime Minister of Canada himself earlier this week. JUST CLICK HERE.
In today's National Post (Saturday, June 2), George Jonas has a nice column on this and related issues.
May 18, 2007 At least they admit it (in French). The Québec Provincial Police (Sûreté du Québec) has a Department of Gun Control (Service du contrôle des armes à feu) which enforces the related federal "laws" in Québec. What is interesting is that this department reports to another bureaucratic layer called the "Directorate of the Protection of the State" or, alternatively translated, the "Directorate for State Security" (Direction de la protection de l'État). No joke! You can check this on the organization chart on their website. In case they decide, after all, to hide this embarassing fact and remove the file, it is reproduced on this website.
Thanks to Yvon Dionne for pointing this out to me.
An artistic rendering of the Sûreté du Québec's logo is reproduced above. You can find another one here.
April 21, 2007 – A Toronto Star columnist asks, "why do we need to own a weapon whose sole purpose is to kill?" He must have watched too many James Bond, for he obviously believes that state agents like policemen have a licence to kill. In fact, the non-criminal purpose of a gun is to protect your life and liberty, and others'. Guns, like cars or communications, have, for better or for worse, different purposes for different individuals.
March 25, 2007The first book I published (Du libéralisme à l’anarcho-capitalisme, Paris, Presses Universitaires de France, 1983) has just been republished in an electronic version at “Les Classiques des sciences sociales” (, one of the most important on-line social science publishers in the French world. The book was on the relations between classical liberalism and anarcho-capitalism. Simultaneously, the Classiques des sciences sociales have also published an electronic version of my little Confessions d’un coureur des bois hors-la-loi (Montréal, Varia, 2001), with Jacques Plamondon’s foreword and Claire Joly’s afterword. This book is more subversive and literary: it’s “littérature de combat” as we would say in French. But it is not less important. It’s about the right to keep and bear arms in the French-Canadian tradition, and my 15-year battle against gun (people) controls.
March 1, 2007 Regular visitors have noticed that this site has not been updated for some time. The main reason is that I am busy working on a book and, thus, writing little elsewhere. I will try to post here for my readers occasionally. So, please, keep coming.
In the meantime, you may want to ckeck the monthly economic exercises I do for the Montréal Economic Institute. The French version is at, and the English version, at From there, you can also subscribe to the exercises for free.
September 11, 2006 "Except perhaps at the time of the French Revolution, never has citizenship been such a revered fetish, at the very time when citizens, in any meaningful sense of the word, have become beggars, licence carriers, and photo-ID clowns."
Read the article in the Western Standard.
May 15, 2006 Proportional Belief is the blog of Protagoras, a.k.a. Jim Otteson, professor of philosophy at the University of Alabama. He has interesting things to say about many subjects, including a certain "French redneck"...
February 18, 2006 In April 1741, the première of Voltaire's play Le fanatisme ou Mahomet le prophète ("Fanaticism and Prophet Muhammad") was presented in Lille (France). In our repressive times, no doubt this would be impossible, as Voltaire was not very kind for Islam (nor for other organized religions, as the play is usually interpreted). If you read French, see the nastiest excerpts of the play, presented by Alain Laurent. The full text of this work of Voltaire is available on Gallica.
February 17, 2006 The battle for freedom of speech continues. The Western Standard has republished a few of the Mohammed cartoons. The magazine needs your support: please make sure to buy your issue dated February 28, and to subscribe if you are not already a subscriber. On another fromt, if you want to see lots of other (very good) cartoons on the Islamist attacks on our liberties, have a look at
February 3, 2006 If you believe in magic, have a look at the well-conceived trick by Andy Naughton at Try to solve it for 15 minutes, then look up the solution on this site.
February 2, 2006 Where you can see the Jyllands-Posten cartoons of Muhammad Himself: (towards the bottom of the page); see also: For your convenience (and prayers), the ones reproduced on zombietime are also reproduced on this site. The one about the virgins is especially funny. Long live Voltaire! Long live Milton! Long live freedom of speech!

December 18, 2005 Click on the left to download to print my Christmas and New Year card. If you read French, you may also read my little Christmas tale, published in Le Québécois Libre. If you don't read French, please don't try to use an automated translation: you will miss 95% of the literary meaning, not counting many mistranslations.

June 15, 2005 Computershare Trust Company of Canada, a subsidiary of Chicago based Computershare Limited, is requesting that all its Canadian employees based in Canada provide their fingerprints to the American police. The e-mail that, according to a whisle-blower, was sent by the company to all its employees in Canada (in both English and French) is reproduced here.
September 21, 2004 – Latest news on Canadian hero Bruce Montague, who was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Praetorians (OPP): see Joe Gingrich's report. See also our Previous News page.
The state will spend millions of dollars of our money prosecuting Bruce Montague and attacking our liberties. Defending Bruce (and his wife Donna) will be expensive. Please send a donation now to the "Scrap C-68 Legal Fund". Many thanks!
In the upcoming issue of the Western Standard (dated October 11, out to subscribers and in newstands on September 27), don't miss Pierre Lemieux's column on the arrest of Bruce Montague.
September 11, 2004 Bruce Montague, one of the Canadian heroes resisting the liberticidal Canadian firearms controls, and his wife have been arrested by the praetorians of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), in Dryden, Ontario. See the e-mail sent by Dr. Edward Hudson, secretary of the Canadian Unregistered Firearm Owners Association (CUFOA).
August 15, 2004 – More on CHOI's battle for free speech against despicable Canadian bureaucrats and their corporate minions. See, in French in the Québécois Libre, "A Good Opportulity to Destabilize Leviathan." And don't miss Pierre Lemieux in the Western Standard dated August 30: "There can be no Canadian values if some Canadians are forbidden to express theirs." This column is reproduced here.
March 9, 2004 – A must! Listen to this extraordinary speech before the Keele University Libertarian Society: well-known English libertarian Sean Gabb argues in favour of abolishing all gun controls (mp3 audio file), and the virtues of an armed society.
March 7, 2004, 0:35 – EXCLUSIVE: Heroes Dr.  Edward Hudson (picture) and Mr. Jim Turnbull, who are paper criminals according to the Canadian gun "laws" (so-called), and who had been arrested during a protest, were due to stand trial in Ottawa on March 29; see our March 3, 2003, article. We just learned that the Crown has withdrawn all charges. With Tuesday's judgement about Canadian Indians being exempt from the 1995 tyrannical law, there is now a possibility that it will be smashed.
Feburary 20, 2004 – The ID-papers battle is heating up, thanks to two American heroes: John Gilmore (at, and Dudley Hiibel (at They represent the idea of America. See also our link just below, plus our December 23 link, and "Busted in the House of the People," on this site. Look at what they are doing in Europe, pushed the American state. As the Daily Telegraph wrote, Libertad o muerte!
Feburary 7, 2004 – "Disarm the cops, or else," in Le Québécois Libre: "Anybody who has not been totally brainwashed by 20th-century statist mantras would think that, if there is to be any dissymmetry, the original New York situation is the normal one." Reproduced on the website of Armed Females of America.
On March 28, 2004, in Madoc, Ontario:
Jim Turnbull, Pierre Lemieux, and
Marni Soupcoff.
An event organized by Kathy Hamilton.
January 31, 2004 – Talking about Mussolini's dream of the "century of authority," look ... er, how can we say it politely? Yes, look at a third-rate tyrant saying, "Place à l'Autorité" (Make Way for Authority!) at
December 23, 2003 – Continuing investigation: There is NO legal requirement to produce government-issued photo ID, nor any ID, to board domestic flights in Canada. We just received this letter from the federal Department of Transport, in reply to an Access to Information request. Print and carry it with you when you travel on domestic flights in Canada. See also our Previous Homepage News.
December 1, 2003 – A must: in the Ottawa Citizen, read George Jonas fabulous piece, "Forcing people to show photo ID does nothing to make flying safer." The piece is also available at
Charles LemieuxNovember 29, 2003IN MEMORIAM:
Charles Lemieux, 1911-2003.

He was a lover of liberty.
Requiem Introitus, click: Requiem Kyrie, click:
(One-meg mp3 files. Just click once and wait for download. Music from
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click here.
November 20, 2003 – Yesterday and today, I took a commercial flight from Montréal to Toronto, another one from Toronto to Ottawa, and a third one back to Banana Republic?Montréal, without showing any photo ID, as is supposedly now required by some secret federal regulation. I had an argument with a clerk each of the three times -- and a clerk even met me at the arrival! But all these encounters only lasted a few minutes, and they were relatively easy. I will write about this in the next few months. Be seeing you!
-- P.L.
November 18, 2003 – Our young libertarian friend, Paul Beaudry, a University of Montréal law student, was one of three candidates in a mock federal election held by the CBC. Although he came third, he won 24% of the vote, barely less than the candidate just ahead of him. This is a great achievement for an unconventional, libertarian candidate. Congratulations, Paul! Read this great interview with him, and please drop him a word of encouragement at
October 5, 2003 – After arresting Mr. Jack Wilson in late September, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has now arrested another hero, Dr. Ed Hudson, for hunting withtout the gun and gunowner licences now required in Canada. See our recent news item on this, and our old Police Canada page. And watch for the news on CUFOA's website.
October 1, 2003 "So vote the nanny state from power /... / a grown-up doesn't want or need / a meddler for a master." The Smoke Police is a resistance song on the new album of the band The Intended. Listen to the song and download the audio file. You can even distribute urbi et orbi. Lyrics at
June 26, 2003 – Here is a great piece of modern, individual art (it was downloaded from
). Watching this video clip is a must if you are thinking of switching to the Mac Cult.
June 21, 2003 – Another Canadian hero in active civil disobedience: Joe Gingrich signs an affidavit stating that he is in breach of the firearm control "law" (so-called). See a fac simile of the original document that he sent to the government.
May 29, 2003 – Two Canadian heroes, Dr. Edward Hudson and Mr. Jack Wilson, members of the Canadian Unregistered Firearm Owners Association, have signed affidavits declaring that they own guns without holding either the personal licence or the individual gun registrations required by "law," and sent them to the Canadian Prime Minister. This act of civil resistance could be punished by 10 years in jail. Click on their names to see their sworn affidavits.
March 20, 2003 – What is America? What does it mean to be an American? Pierre Lemieux and William Bonner have edited a book that tackles these questions with a refreshingly unique approach. The Idea of America (Les Belles Lettres, 2003) will soon be available in bookstores. Click on the image to read the flaps of the dust jacket.
January 21, 2003 – And, by the way, visit the Coalition for Gun Control, and learn to crawl.
See also their international Big Sisters.
January 18, 2003 – According to a Le Devoir report, 27% of Quebec gun owners have refused or neglected to obtain the license required to own guns since January 1, 2001. This is apparently the highest proportion of non-compliers of all Canadian province. On January 28, Le Devoir also reported that Pierre Péladeau, a rich and famous French Canadian, had a gun carry licence, which is forbidden to ordinary "citizens."
To know more, visit the Police Canada page.
January 15, 2003 – After the Canadian Police Association renews its support for the infamous Firerams Act, the Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association (LUFA) recommends that law-abiding Canadians withdraw their support for the police.
November 21, 2002 – What happens when a praetorian from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police uses a gun forbidden to ordinary citizens (because of its magazine capacity) to kill his former girlfriend: see the National Post report on Jocelyn Hotte's trial in Montréal.
November 11, 2002 – Pierre Lemieux awarded the Libertarian Alliance's 2002 "Liberty in Action" International Award. This distinction is awarded annually to "an individual whose actions have contributed to the struggle for freedom and individual rights." The award was presented by Chris Tame, president of the Libertarian Alliance, and accepted by Sarah Lawrence on behalf of Pierre Lemieux.
August 31, 2002 – As of today, this site is not censored in China (see /filtering/china/test/), one of the worst tyrannies on earth. Shame on us! The Lysander Spooner site is. See our Spooner excerpts (in French).
April 3, 2002 – Have you hit a jogger today? Visit the site of the Non-Joggers Rights Association. There is always a Non-Something who wants a "right" against somebody else.
March 20, 2002 – Found on the web: A Neo-Nazi site, Zundelsite, defends the anti-smoking policies of the Third Reich. Must reading. See also Pierre Lemieux's "Heil Health", originally published in the Independent Review, and then in the Financial Post.
January 12, 2002 – Bars for Smokers And Lovers of Secondhand Smoke Only are forbidden under penalty of violence in Ottawa. Rebels are fighting tobacco whiteshirts.
January 7, 2002 – For the second time in three months, the Canadian Firerarms Centre has changed its logo. Why? The old-new and the new-old logos are shown at the bottom of our Police Canada logos page. (This page will open in a different window since it contains many images that may some time to load.)
January 2002 – There is a Canadian Member of Parliament who, for many years, has valiantly fought the obscene federal gunowner controls: Garry Breitkreuz, a Canadian Alliance MP from Saskatchewan. He, and his able assistant, Dennis Young, deserve our support.
January 1, 2002 "Let no Negroe or mulattoe be cabable of ... keeping, or bearing arms, unless authorized to do by some act of the general assembly, whose duration shall be limited to three years."
St. George Tucker (Ed.) in Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1803, p. 144), quoted in Stephen P. Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1984), p. 100.
Available at
Past, and other, quotes from Subversive Liberty
January 1, 2002 – Happy New Year to Negroes, mulattoes, and Canadians! The latters' crappy licences to own firerams are for five years, so nice is their federal government.
Special: Message du Nouvel An pour les Canadiens français.
January 1, 2002 – To all our other visitors, Happy New Year even if we are living under kindler and gentler police states. Remember TXH-1138: "Blessings of the state, blessings of the masses. ... Work hard, increase production, prevent accidents, and be happy. "
December 28 , 2001 – Public Health Event of the Year (from Dow Jones, December 28, 2001): McDonald's is forbidden to sell Snoopy dolls in China. A state newspaper argued that the promotion "instigated a buying spree ... and seriously affected the physical and mental health of children and teenagers." On a similar topic, read "Heil Health".
December 17, 2001 When the state does little for, or against, people, there is little to love or hate. But when the state regulates and hinders unpopular lifestyles, while other, privileged groups are lavishly catered to, when the state installs a wide network of surveillance and administrative controls, things change. More people may fall in love the state, but more also start hating the state. Read the article in the Laissez-Faire City Times, December 17, 2001.
December 17, 2001 – Big Brother Wants to Be Loved? in Laissez-Faire City Times: We have reasons to hate the state.
December 11, 2001 –There Are No Predators (Ottawa Citizen): The fox of the state is already in the henhouse of air travel, but this is no argument to give it still sharper teeth.
November 19, 2001 – Pierre Lemieux in Montréal's The Gazette, November 19, 2001: The overgoverned appear ungovernable, and the easiest solution is to restrict political competition.
November 2001 – Dr. Edward Hudson from Saskatoon, becomes a hero, and a criminal, by destroying his firearms licence. See the letter he wrote to the Prime Minister with pieces of his crappy licence.
November 2001 – Read about The World Bank's Tobacco Economics in the latest issue of Regulation.
October 2001 – United against (what's left of) our liberties:
The Proposed "Anti-terrorism" Legislation in Canada: If this low scoundrel of Osama bin Laden did not exist, the medium scoundrels who govern us should have invented him. How convenient he is for our power-hungry states! The fact is that Western states were already much, too much powerful and dangerous on Sept. 10. If our rulers cannot protect us with all their laws, their powers, their guns, their privileges, their outrageous taxes, and their surveillance, they should just bugger off.
October 2001 – Pierre Lemieux's new book (in French), Confessions d'un coureur des bois hors-la-loi is now available in all good bookstores, as well as on The author confesses crimes against so-called laws. Read (in French) Yvon Dionne's review in Le Québécois libre, and André-A. Bellemare's November 10 column in Le Soleil.
Read (in English) a letter confessing one more paper crime.
September 18, 2001 Escape from the Logic of War: Any freedom loving individual wants the guilty and their accomplices, whoever and wherever they are, “dead or alive.” But we must escape from the logic of war.
September 14, 2001 – How Much Security: Before September 11, all pilots were licensed, all airliners were registered, and air terminals had already been transformed into enclaves of total citizen surveillance, control, and impotence. What more do they want?


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